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Relive Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show At Super Bowl LI

Ben Migono / February 6, 2017


Super Bowl LI will go down as one of the most memorable events to ever happen in our lifetime. Tom Brady cemented himself as a football legend and Lady Gaga reminded everyone that she still has one of the best voices in the business. While she didn’t have any other musician join her during the show, she did have the help of 300 drones powered by Intel to light up the night’s sky.



Although the segment was pre-recorded on January 30th, it still made for a spectacular opener. Thanks to some TV magic, it also looked like Lady Gaga jumped into NRG Stadium with nothing but wires holding her up. If you think about it, there’s no way anyone would risk Lady Gaga falling to her death on live TV during the biggest event of the year. Common sense, people.

Still, she sold the hell out of it though.



Here’s a view from inside the stadium:



Gaga performed some of her trademark hits like Pokerface, Born This Way, Telephone, and Just Dance She had the crowd hyped from the very start and keeping the energy up for the first four songs, slowed the pace down to sing A Million Reasons where she even gave a cute shoutout to her mom and dad, then it was off to a quick wardrobe change and finished off the set with Bad Romance. Oh wait, there was a mic drop and she jumped again, this time she cannonballed off a flight of stadium stairs while catching a football.


How’s that for a halftime show?